Tallest Twins

Truly tall people are rare enough.
Far rarer still, are really tall twins.
Here are a few that we've found out about.

Tallest Living Male Twins
Michael and James Lanier are both listed as 7 ft 6 in

Tallest Living Female Twins
Ann and Claire Recht are both listed as 6 ft 6 in the 2004 Guinness Book of World Records.

"The tallest female twins have grown. They are possibly going to be challenged by some other gals, so I believe they plan to get remeasured. They are now 6 ft 7-1/2 in and 6 ft 7-1/4 in."
Sharon S. Portland Oregon

Previous record holders Heidi and Heather Burge are each 6ft5. The Burge Sisters are from Palos Verdes, California and played college basketball at the University of Virginia, where they helped guide the Lady Cavs to three Final Four appearances. The story of the Burge Twins was told in a made-for-TV Disney movie, 'Double Teamed', that premiered in January, 2002

Possible contenders for this category are Beatrice and Suzanne Bofia from Yaounde in Cameroon (Africa) are 6ft7 and 6ft6, respectively. But they'd have to be measured by Guinness to take over as the new record-holders.

Tallest Living British Twins
The UK's current tallest twins are the 37-year-old Hull brothers - 6ft 9in Andrew and 6ft 10in Timothy.

This article in the Daily Mirror claims there are two new contenders for the title, 21 year-old Bolton brothers, Thomas and James Mollekin are said to be just over 6ft 10in.

Greatest Height Difference Between Twins
Koehler Twins, United States - 29 inches difference.

Don Koehler (1925-1981) and his fraternal twin sister were born in Denton, Montana. Born to tall parents (their mom was 5'10", their dad was 6'2"), Koelher started an abnormal period of growth when he was 10 years old.

He was 8ft2 before dying, one of the tallest men to live in the 20th Century. His twin sister was 5ft9 for a difference of 29 inches between them.

Greatest Height Difference Between Living Twins
Hussain Bisad of London, England is sometimes listed as 7ft9. If this is true, he and his 5ft5 twin sister, Khardra, who lives in their homeland of Somalia have a 28 inch difference in the height between them.

Higher Profile Twin Differential
We have received quite a few emails about NBA Basketball Player Alexsandar Radojevic and his fraternal twin brother Zelimir. Apparently they were mentioned on TV as being 7ft3 and 6ft3, respectively.

While a foot (12 inches) difference between twins is certainly unique, it's not very amazing considering our 6ft11 Webmaster has a 5ft9 twin sister for a difference of 14 inches or half the difference of the Bisad twins.

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