Tall Woman's Style: Tips For Tall Woman

There is a reason why many models are blessed with Amazonian proportions - tall girls make clothes look great! Here are a few tips to remember to let your clothes make you look great too.

The best thing you can do to look great is Don't slouch - it will make even the most gorgeous clothes look bad. Slouching also makes even the most expensive clothes look like cheap knock-offs. Walk tall with confidence. It's all in your posture and attitude.

Next is to shop at tall-women stores and Web sites like the ones listed in our Tall Women's Resource Directory. This sounds obvious, but many taller women don't know about these stores and have spent years shopping in the men's departments.

Tall-women clothing is specially cut, with longer arms, broader shoulders, a longer in-seam in the leg, a longer rise (area from crotch to waist) and longer lengths for tops and jackets.

Clothes that show off your waist give you a better figure. Tall girls look great in wide belts - this also helps to make the body look in proportion.

Baggy clothes or clothes with straight lines make you look longer.

If you are going to wear a baggy top - team it with skinnies; and if you like a wide leg style wear it with a fitted top - never wear baggy top and bottom at the same time.

It's best to avoid baggy clothes altogether or even clothes with really straight lines as both types of clothes create an elongated look. Go for fitted tops, accentuate the waist with belts, or wear separates. All of these styles create a better-proportioned look for taller than average women.

If you are wearing a dress try to buy one with that has a shaped bust or fitted waist. Again, this breaks up long lines and helps you look well proportioned.

Try not to wear the same colour top and bottom. Don't dress monochromatically. This accentuates your size and draws attention to it! Keep bright colours to one section only - try coloured tops with neutral colour trousers like black, denim or stone. Keep bright colors to one part of the body. Stay away from full-body printed outfits to avoid looking like a big ball of pattern.

Don't go over the top! Don't try to make yourself feel more feminine by wearing excessive make up, a shorter skirt etc. You can end up looking like a drag queen! To look more feminine, be subtle and elegant. The best way to achieve this is with simple pieces with subtle and elegant details.

Walk with confidence. If you feel good you will look good. Even the worst clothes look great on a catwalk model. It's all in your posture and attitude.

Find a seamstrees, tailor or a place to do alterations. Try to wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are made for the average height girl have darts, waist and hip lines in the wrong position - garments will look baggy on your waist (hiding your figure), tight on your hips and your bust will look squashed. You will feel uncomfortable - and look it too.

Long legs look great in skinny jeans. Pair them with heels to make your legs looks slimmer or with flats for a more relaxed look.

If you’re not a ‘skinnies’ kind of girl wide legs jeans or sexy slouch jeans look equally as good on tall girls - where your vertically challenged friends may look swamped by an extra wide flare you will simply show it off to perfection.

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