Yoga Gear For Tall Women

With such a diverse range of styles and types of yoga to try, it's no wonder yoga is so trendy - it's got something for
everyone even taller women.

Yoga has grown increasingly popular as a form of physical exercise. Although some Western forms of yoga seem to have little to do with spirituality, mainly emphasizing fitness and health, as the practice of yoga has spread, it has increasingly acknowledged and incorporated its traditional spiritual roots.

By combining lightweight exercise and stretching with a slow, deliberate pacing that can make you feel better as a whole person, it's no wonder why yoga is so trendy.

Tall and plus-size women have a unique set of challenges when it comes to exercising in general and yoga is no different than other types of exercise.

Do You Experience Difficulty In Finding Proper Fitting Active Wear?

While it may take some time, patience and effort to find yoga gear that will actually fit you and help you feel more comfortable, it IS possible. Here are a few places to make your search for taller yoga gear easier:

Woman Within - Plus-Size Active Wear

This popular clothing store features lots of plus-size clothing. They have several styles of active wear pants - the items they call "tall" have 32 inch inseam and are designed to fit women up to about 5 ft 11 in. Compared to many high-end retailers that carry plus-size clothing, the Woman Within offerings are very affordable.

While I noticed that there was only a single pair of specifically marked "yoga" pants, they stock plenty of workout wear suitable for yoga that could comfortably fit taller plus-size women.

Junonia - Active Wear and Yoga Clothing for Taller Plus-Size Women

This retailer is dedicated solely to providing well fitting active wear for hard-to-fit woman. They have several different pieces of clothing that would work perfectly for a wonderful yoga experience. Their full-length pants have a 33 inch inseam for the "tall" sizes that start at 1XT. They have sporty style tops as well as more casual styles that would be a perfect compliment to your yoga regimen and many have design accents like curved piping and side panels that trick the eye to see a slimmer shape.

Old Navy - Affordable Tall-Sized And Plus-Sized Active Wear

This is the Gap's diffusion range and as such you can get great Gap quality at more reasonable prices. They only sell tall-sized items online but they do accept returns at any of their stores offline. All of the bottoms in their tall range come with a 36 inch inseam and their website offers sizes 0-20. I saw several styles of specifically marked "yoga pants" on their site as well as tall-sized drawstring fleece pants. These are available in a wide variety of colors at stock-up prices that make it easy and affordable to mix-and-match your way to a fashionable workout.

Long Tall Sally - Taller-Sized Not Plus-Sized Active Wear

This specialist retailer has a gym and swim collection that includes a variety of pants perfect for yoga that are available in both 34 inch and 36 inch inseams.

Long Elegant Legs - Tall Not Plus Active Sets

This specialist retailer really emphasizes the elegant in their name with high-end active sets perfect for a yoga class and running a few errands either before or after class. They also stock separates and body shaping compression garments - all with a 36 inch inseam.

Now that you've found the clothes - what about the other gear?

A yoga mat can be intimidating to larger sized women but with such cute yoga outfits, you can't give up now! Choosing a Yoga mat can be a very personal decision. Because a Yoga mat acts as a barrier (and personal space) between yourself and the ground, it needs to provide you with enough cushioning, traction, and protection for your own body to safely and efficiently practice Yoga.

When choosing a Yoga mat, you should consider its length, thickness, and width. Your Yoga mat should be proportional to the size of your body. Standard sized Yoga mats work for Yogis under 6ft tall. If you are taller than 6ft, you should consider purchasing an extra long Yoga mat which is 7 feet long.

Another option is the Mandala Yoga Mat - The Original 6 Foot Round Mat
It may be rare to see them at the yoga studio near you but you're unique so why not have a round yoga mat that is proportional to you? They also have traditional, rectangular yoga mats that are 6 ft 2 in long in two widths, 24 or 36 inches wide.

Now that you're all kitted out for class, its time to get out there to pose and stretch your way to look and feel better than you have in years. Most importantly, you deserve it!

This article was developed by freelance writer, Danelle Orovitz
in callaboration between Plus Size Clothes and The Height Site


Posted October 26 2010.   By: Quartknee




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