Sex Secrets of Mixed-Height Couples

Maximizing intimacy when you and your partner have a significant difference in height.

There are lots of creative ways to make up for a difference in stature. I outlined a few of them in a Height Site article about sex positions for tall-short couples but the amount of intimacy varies greatly between them.

I've received a lot of feedback about that article and many people on The Height Site's Facebook Page have been curious about ways to increase the feelings of intimacy, especially with a partner who might not be as sexually adventurous or open to suggestions.

Kissing is key

For many people, kissing is a very sensual and intimate experience so it makes sense that a couple would want to kiss during intercourse.

Tall He - Short She

If a tall guy sits upright with his legs outstretched he can lean against a wall or the headboard of the bed for support. His shorter lover can straddle him and lower herself onto his penis. This face-to-face pose is perfect for kissing, and, since you're both sitting, the height discrepancy is negated or minimized.

A variation of this position is for the tall guy to sit cross-legged with the short gal wrapping her legs around his waist, and arms around his neck. Again, your faces are up against each other, making it easy to engage in some passionate lip locking. And, your bodies pressed against each other create a lot of intimacy.

Since both of these are girl-on-top positions, the gal is in charge so its up to her to vary the speed and angle of penetration to find the moves that maximize stimulation.

Tall She - Short He

The girl-on-top scenario works for this dynamic as well, especially if the guy is laying down instead of sitting. If the gal is about 8 or 9+ inches taller than her man she may have to adjust her angles a bit more to accommodate any curves his penis has and let him do most of the thrusting while kissing. To some degree this may be true for couples with lesser degree of height difference.

Beyond Gal-On-Top

On your side positions can be great height-equalizers.

Tall He - Short She

Spooning is another highly intimate and comforting pose. The gal lies on her side in a semi-fetal postion with her taller lover lying behind her in the same configuration. After penetration, the tall guy can cradle his gal in his arm and nuzzle her neck as he thrusts from behind.

Tall She - Short He

This position works equally well for these types of couples. If the gal is 6 or 7+ inches taller than her man, she may find that he's breathing into her back or shoulders too much instead of nuzzling her neck. If this is an issue, try the Y-Position.

Mastering the 69

Traditionally the 69 position is done with one partner laying down on his or her back while both engage in simultaneous oral/genital stimulation.

Flipping this position so that both partners lie on their sides, with bodies facing one another lessens the effects of gravity, because your body has more support and it equalizes the level of control each partner has over his/her head positioning. The taller partner can curve his/her back to make sure head and genitals match up in a way that is much easier and more comfortable than the traditional 69 position.

As with our article about sex positions for mixed height couples, these are just a few suggestions to help get you started. Your options are limitless and good sex is all about trial and error. Since no two people are alike, every couple needs to experiment to find what works best for them. Just try to stay focused on how much fun it is to try new things, rather than getting hung up on moves that don’t work.

Posted November 21, 2010.   By: Quartknee




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